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Green Lane Application
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I declare that the proposed use of the premises will not involve the following:-
112usage/ storage/ handling of hazardous chemicals which are toxic, flammable, corrosive, oxidizing, radioactive, explosive or harmful to the environment.
113storage of non-hazardous chemicals, oils or solvents exceeding 100kg at the premises.
114electroplating, grit blasting and spray painting activities.
115recycling activities (e.g. collection, processing, importing/ exporting of used materials/wastes, etc.)
116use of fuel burning equipment (e.g. boiler, furnace, oven, heater, etc.)
117any emission of air pollutants.
118any generation of odour nuisance.
119any generation of trade effluent.
120any generation of toxic waste.
121generation of noise at the factory boundary exceeding the noise limits stipulated in the Environmental Protection and Management (Boundary Noise Limits for Factory Premises) Regulations.
asa I declare that all the above information are true and correct.
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