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Particulars of QP and Project
Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessments (EEOA) for new Ventures Section 26A of the Energy Conservation Act (Cap. 92C)
Project Reference No. (as per in BCA Cornet)*:
Name of Qualified Person*:
Company of Qualified Person*:
Contact no. of Qualified Person*:
Email Address of Qualified Person*:

Project Title*:
Lot no.*:
Plot no.*:
Town Subdivision(TS)/ Mukim (MK)*:
Postal Code*:
I certify that: Development Application for the proposed development is made to URA on or after 1 October 2018.

The business activity to be carried out at the proposed development is attributable to one of the following industry sectors defined in the Energy Conservation (Registrable Corporations) Order 2013.

Developments from the above industry sectors with estimated annual energy consumption (AEC) >= 54 Terajoules (TJ) are required to carry out an EEOA and submit an EEOA report. The AEC has to be assessed based on 24 hours per day and 365 days of operations at 100% designed production capacity.
AEC must be estimated based on the whole NV's boundary as indicated in the Development application to URA.

Confirmation of EEOA clearance for New Ventures
I hereby confirm that clearance letter for EEOA report has been obtained from NEA for the proposed development to satisfy the EEOA requirement

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